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Cathi Forester (Miller)
Palo IA USA Admin. Ast. Engineering Dept. - ADM Married
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Tricia Lange (Miller)
Cedar Rapdis IA EHS Admin Married 2
I still reside in Cedar Rapids.  I have been married for 10  years to my husband, Ken Miller.  We have 2 children (Nicole 8 and Brooke 7).  

It is confirmed, 20 years, my gosh, we are getting old.  It's great reading about everyone.  Hope to see some familiar faces at the reunion!

Family time is what I live for... camping, waterpark adventures, traveling somewhere so we can scuba dive or going motorcyling are things we enjoy doing together. 
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Lara Miller (Miller Bhandari)
Highlands Ranch CO Philippines Homemaker / Volunteer (NGOs and other charitable orgs) Married 2
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Kerry Minor
Cedar Rapids IA US Dynamic Broadband - Customer Base Specialist Divorced 1

Currently working in Cedar Rapids for a wireless internet company, Dynamic Broadband

1 son, Kyle (9 years old)

I appreciate all of the hard work of those of you that are taking time to put these events together.  I look forward to seeing everyone, as I am going to try my best to make it to what I can.

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Denise petersen (Mitchell)
Cedar Rapids IA USA Salon Owner/Hairstylist Committed Relationship 2
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Todd Montgomery
Cedar Rapids IA USA Territory Manager- Kellogg's
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Lisa Neuendorf
Profile picture
CEDAR RAPIDS IA USA ASAC Outpatient Director Single 2
I have two sons, Dade 9 and Devon (will be  on May 22nd) 4.  I love being a mom!  Dade has a wild out going personality and Devon is shy.  They are both smart and athletic.  I thank God for the wonderful blessings he has given me!

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Shannon Zimmerman (Newman)
Holbrook AZ USA Faculty for Developmental Services Married
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Jeff Nielsen
Washington DC US Consultant Married 2
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Amy Arthaud (Odland)
Chisago City MN USA Full time mom Married 1

I have been married for 7 years and we have one daughter named Holly who is 2.  Currently I am on bedrest with twin boys who are scheduled to arrive on May 30th if they do not come sooner!

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