Alma Mater

To Kennedy High we lift our voice, 
And sing this song anew.
For mem'ries of those happy days,
For friends and knowledge, too.
We've learned to live within your halls
Like brothers kind and true.
Oh, Alma Mater, Kennedy, 
We sing this song to you.

And when it's time to leave your halls, 
To seek another view, 
We will remember gratefully, 
All that we've learned from you.
And pray God's blessing will remain,
Upon the school we've known,
Oh, Alma Mater, Kennedy
You'll always be our home.
                                                                                 - The Feuerhelms

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Usif Abbasi
Cedar Rapids IA US Financial Analyst Divorced 3
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Greg Adams
Fairfax VA USA Energy Economist Married 2
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mike allen
July 13, 1969 cedar rapids IA US electrician 3
Tina Gaffney (Allsup)
Springville IA USA Business Intelligence Solutions Admin Married 2
Hard to believe its been almost 20 years.  Been married for 15 years and have two children, Brian 11 and Megan 8. Send Tina a MessageSend Tina a Message
Robb Alt
Albia Ia US Bus Driver Married 2
Here is a greeting to all my old classmates. 
I have been married for sixteen years and have two great kids. My wife and I hope to attend the dinner, but work may interfere. In case I cannot attend, let everyone raise a glass to those of our number who have passed on. God Bless.

Robb Alt
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Tina Tully (Anderson)
August 11, 1969 Cedar Rapids IA US Manager Married 1
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Jim Anderson (Railsback)
Marion IA usa Business Owner Married 2
Currently living in Marion IA with my wife and 2 children ages 16 and 10. I founded an auto service corporation 7 years ago here in town , and the growth and expansion has been keeping my very busy. As a family we enjoy travel and friends. Personaly I enjoy performance driving and collecting cars and motorcycles. In fact, I even still have my car from the high school days. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Send Jim a MessageSend Jim a Message
Carol Angell
Cedar Rapids IA US Single 2
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Keith Arbore
Profile picture
Cedar Rapids IA Advertising Coordinator and DJ Married 4
Hello  :=)  20 years!  
Have been wedding DJ >>Hot Flashes Sound & Light<<since 1988; and I also coordinate and create cover advertising and maps for Yellow Book USA directories... I made the cover of the phone book in your kitchen drawer...  Married since 1991, and have daughters aged 12 and 11, a son 5, and another daughter 1-1/2
~Photo is from March 2006
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Steve Bair
Profile picture
Carmel IN US Assistant Superintendent Married 1
Married 23 years To Lisa, who I met in college at University of Indianapolis. ; 15 year old daughter, Brooke. Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
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