1) How I Would Rate My High School Experience
Worst Years of My Life
Got Through, Wish I Would Have Done More
Best Years of My Life, Wouldn't Trade the Memories
Great Time I Think
Glad I'm Not Going Through It Now
2) What Was the Best Lunch Spot
School Cafeteria
Locker Room
Smoking Doors
Pizza Hut

3) What Sort Of Relationship Did You Have With Your Teachers?
Teachers Always Hated Me (Regardless Of Whether I Provoked Them Or Not)
Teachers Loved Me, Even If I Sometimes Slacked A Little
I Really Admired My Teachers, And Tried To Treat Them With Respect
I Liked To Have A Casual, Jokey Relationship With My Teachers - After All, They Are Only Human!
4) The Generic Stereotype Question... Which Of These Social Groups Did You Most Relate To In School
I Was A Bit Of A Nerd, Or A Geek
I Had A Lot Of Friends, And Was On Sports Teams
I Was A Bully / Bullied
Me And My Group Of Friends Were A Bit
Always In The Library
Always In Detention Or Principal's Office

5) Where Would You Be Found After School
Smoking Doors
Gym Or Practice Field
Drama Or Music Rooms
Auto Classroom
Far Away From School Property
6) Now Where Would You Be Found
Office Or Place Of Business
Car Pooling
Stay At Home Parent
World Traveler
Humanitarian Missions